Meet Chelcie and Hailey of the Collective Ritual, a community for women focused on self care, intentional journaling, and manifestation.

With certifications in health, gut health, hormones and training in pranayama, meditation, and breath work between the two of them, they truly take a holistic approach to health. This month, they take us through how they stay grounded, reconnect with nature (and in turn, themselves), and their morning routines.

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Hi Chelcie and Hailey! Tell us about The Collective Ritual. What inspired you to start? What is the collective’s mission?

We are friends and lovers of all things health, wellness, and spirituality. We found a connection over the beauty of everyday rituals and how we both value living in our highest potential. We realized we both had so much to owe to our consistent daily rituals, because without them life felt like it was passing us by. So, we created The Collective Ritual, a community and membership for women who want to maximize their potential, show up as their best self and manifest their dream life. We do this through the curation of intentional daily practices, such as journaling, meditation, rituals, nutritional guidance, and community support.

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How does nature inspire your practice?

There’s something special about connecting with nature when it comes to our personal practices. Whether we are on the beach, or even just in our own backyards, being surrounded by nature really brings us a sense of balance and comfort. Nature has an incredible ability to inspire us - from its beauty to its vastness - which is why we believe that incorporating elements of nature into our daily practice helps us stay grounded as well as inspired.  We are both naturally drawn towards water, it offers a calming energy that really helps settle our minds before a good meditation and journaling session.

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How do you stay grounded and reconnected with nature?

Honestly, it’s as simple as just getting outside, and breathing; using all five senses to connect to our surroundings. We like to look at the beauty around us and observe all the little things. As we walk around we like to take in every sight, smell, sound and feeling. A great way to prepare for one of our TCR meditations is by tuning into the sounds surrounding you. Become aware of the sounds close by and the ones you can hear off in the distance. Try alternating between the two.

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How did you find your community? How are you encouraging your community to ground down with nature this month?

We found our community through the connection and alignment with individuals that share the same values and beliefs that The Collective Ritual stands for. Whether it be through social media, an in-person event or a Zoom meet-up, it’s a huge priority for us to cultivate a meaningful relationship with the members of our community. We encourage our members to take advantage of all the natural elements they have access to and include them in their daily routines each month. This might be through joining a journaling workshop outdoors or listening to one of our walking meditations on their next HGW (Healed Girl Walk!).

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Can you take us through your morning routines?

Our morning routine usually consists of the same things that help us start our day for success while remaining grounded and connected. We’ll start the day by making our bed and drinking a full glass of lemon water and juicing celery, cucumber, lime, and ginger. This juice is an alkalizing blend that helps with skin and digestion. We’ll drink our juice outside in the sun to help align our circadian rhythm. This is followed by breakfast, usually berries and oatmeal, before having coffee — eating in the morning is important in balancing cortisol levels and boosting metabolism. Then we’ll meditate and do our Daily Pages, our morning journal prompts and affirmations. Lastly, we’ll get moving, whether that’s a morning walk, hot yoga, or a HIIT class.

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What are some of your self-care and wellness non-negotiables?

A morning walk on the way to a workout (with a matcha in hand!). Being outdoors with natural light and fresh air really sets the tone for the day. It’s a way for us to clear our heads and just simply connect, especially paired with one of our walking meditations.

What are some things you’re committing to this month?

Our theme of the month on The Collective Ritual is The Heart Chakra, which is closely related to connecting to the earth. We are doing our Daily Pages and meditations with the members of our community. Connecting to the earth with the heart chakra is a powerful way to bring yourself back into balance. It can help you feel connected and grounded, allowing your energy to flow freely through your body. When you open up this connection, it's like opening a door that allows healing energy from nature inwards towards yourself. 

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