Last week, we hosted an event at Studio B with Brands of Color and Danzy Design Studio.

An initiative founded by friend of BANDIER, Anastasia Hing (Ana), Brands of Color provides a platform to brands with Black founders. Danzy Design Studio, Marshall Danzy’s LA-based brand is a long-time BANDIER fave, and we were thrilled to unite the two. Marshall designed custom Danzy Sport crewnecks, printed with “2014 Bandier Ave” (there’s still a few left to shop at BANDIER Melrose!), and Camai Brandenberg, founder of Embody Pilates, led a killer Pilates workout.

We sat down with Ana Hing for the scoop on Brands of Color, her experience as a young entrepreneur, and what’s to come in the future for her and her platform.

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Hi, Ana! Tell us about yourself and your initiative, Brands of Color.

I’m Dutch and Surinamese, a model, a wife, and a dog mom. I’ve been in the United States for 11 years, but I’m currently between Los Angeles and NYC.

Brands of Color started as my own social page on Instagram promoting brands with Black founders. I’d post about amazing products and brands I loved. At the same time, I was attending influencer events in Los Angeles and noticed a lack of diversity at these events.

With my social platform and influencer experience, I began Brands of Color as a platform to encourage brands and founders to bring a more diverse group of amazing people to any event. I’m working on my second and third event right now, and I’m super excited! Stay tuned for updates by following us on Instagram: @BrandsofColor

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Three Black-Owned brands you’re loving right now?

Bread Beauty, Klur, and Brother Vellies.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who are starting their own business or pursuing a dream?

You are who you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with people that love you, support you, and inspire you! And always trust your gut.

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How do you find balance between work and self-care?

I set non-negotiable tasks and goals for myself, like daily movement, meditation, and walks with my dog in fresh air. I always try to prioritize my well-being. I find when I do that, everything else falls into place.

What is your current wellness routine? How do you currently practice self-care?

A 10 minute daily meditation, morning stroll with my dog, a workout, and a delicious hearty breakfast. There is nothing better than starting my morning off on the right foot. It’s simple, but this consistency brings me so much joy.

Current fave workout?

Pilates and a 30-minute walk on the treadmill. Easy, and effective!

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