BANDIER is inspired by the movers and shakers. They’re the artistic yet gritty doers who stay active from the studio to the streets and everywhere in between. So when we were looking for muses to shoot our new collection, we were inspired by our favorite dancers, who embody the spirit of living fit, and doing it gracefully. Their unique styles, from Performance Dance to Jump Rope Dancing, influence how they style their activewear at the gym and on the streets. Time to take on the stage in new BANDIER.


Holly James is a professional dancer and choreographer who’s making her move on Broadway. She’s starred in hits like Hairspray, Hamilton, and Moulin Rouge–c’est magnifique. Along the way, Holly has honed her dancing skills, leaping and lunging across the stage with flawless form. She’s also become a Yoga lover and is a regular at boutique studios across the city. She loves it for helping her hone her dance skills and keeping her toned (just ask her 6-pack.) 

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Although I love them all, I’d have to say the V-Neck Tempo Short Catsuit. It’s one of those outfits that looks great on everybody because the design is oh-so-flattering and makes you feel instantly ready to jump into a workout. 


I usually have a big breakfast and a lighter lunch. I’m vegan and the NYC vegan spots have boomed this past year, which is incredible. I love Peacefood and Blossom. I always get my staple dishes but my favorite thing to do is make a sandwich, grab some fruit and a large bottle of water, sit in the park or on a bench, and watch the world go by. 

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I love dancing and yoga for strength and stretch. Dancing works to strengthen every muscle group, and the best part is you’re having fun while you’re doing it. Yoga is for the body structure. It helps align and lengthen muscle groups with breath and meditation. I love how many small yoga and dance studios there are in the city; plus, classes run all day. Even if you have a spare hour or so, you can work some movement into your day. I’m a true New Yorker so I also love walking. I walk everywhere even if it takes a little more time!


I’ve been on a onesie kick recently. Something about the slip-on-and-go is very appealing to me, especially when it’s a really lovely material and you feel pulled up and held in. I also feel like it’s a very sleek look and makes me hold better posture while I’m wearing one!

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I got into fitness at the age of 5 when I started dancing! Movement has always been part of my life growing up, and I’ve been lucky enough for that to carry through to adult life as a professional dancer and choreographer. As you get older, your body needs a little more, so you incorporate other types of fitness to accommodate your needs and help your body feel good. 


Being British, it has to be a good ol’ G&T. If I’m feeling sassy, I’ll get something a little smokier and spicier but usually it’s something fresh!

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I’m not sure it’s a mantra, but I think listening to your body and your mind is so important when it comes to fitness. I try to be in tune with what my body needs; sometimes it’s a long reflective walk, and other times it’s a sweat session. I usually talk to myself and ask what it is that I need and what I’m capable of. But one thing I will say–the times I try to challenge myself are when I feel the best, because I’ve gotten out of my head and accomplished something my body will thank me for tomorrow.


As much as I wanted to pick a vibrant up-tempo song, I reckon it would be something more like a Billie Holiday or a Louis Armstrong classic. Something with a bluesy groove feels much more authentic to my personality.

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Amanda Kloots is a Broadway dancer-turned-Radio City Rockette-turned-celebrity trainer. She’s done it all and she’s done it well. As a dancer, she honed her skill for movement and coordination, which later helped her develop a love for jump roping. Since then, Amanda’s found creative ways to use the rope beyond jumping and she has the stamina to prove it. You can find her hosting empowering, high-energy roping classes that will have you sweating and smiling.

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The V-Neck Tempo Full Length Catsuit or Short Catsuit! They’re form-fitting, flattering, and feminine while also being the most functional activewear in my closet. They work for high-intensity and low-impact workouts and they’re perfect for my dance class too! You also can’t go wrong with the classic Center Stage Legging–a staple in my closet.

Onesie or Matching Set?

Lately, I’ve been loving the onesies, especially for dancing! When I’m jump roping, I love the classic Center Stage Legging and Front Row Bra, my forever staples!

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What is your go-to NYC workout?

Mine! Having started my fitness career in New York, I always try to fit in one or two AK! Fitness pop-up classes in the city any time I visit, usually AK! Dance.  

Go to NYC lunch?

Zuckerman’s or Zuckers–getting my deli fix is mandatory when I visit my old stomping grounds!

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How did you get into fitness?

I’m an ex-Broadway dancer and Radio City Rockette, and dancing requires a lot of strength and coordination. Jumping rope is amazing for that! I also discovered it’s the quickest, most effective way to get a full-body workout, and I invested years creating ways to use it for more than just jumping. After meeting Jennifer Bandier in 2016, I shared my jump rope class idea with her and she immediately took me under her wing and did everything possible to help my fitness career flourish. She believed in my vision and the rest is history!

Cocktail or mocktail of choice?

Negroni! Always reminds me of a summer night in Capri.

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What would your walk-on song be?

“Who Run The World?” by Beyonce, or anything Beyonce! The ultimate hype woman!

What’s your fitness mantra?

Make yourself as big as you can.

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