Empty Shopping Bag
BANDIER reinventing the way women shop activewear

Let's get this out of the way:
It's pronounced ban-DEER.

From bootcamp to brunch plans, your active lifestyle
is as dynamic as you are—and it's about time your
clothes kept up. That's where we come in.

In 2014, Jennifer Bandier asked herself,

Why can’t I find the best
selection of fashionable
activewear all in one place?

To find her answer, she did what any
woman would do if she wants something
done right—she did it herself.

BANDIER has since evolved into
what Vogue deemed a

stylish fitness emporium.

Sure, curating the market’s best and most fashionable
activewear into one premium collection of
50-plus brands is a big job, but someone has to do it.

We Scour The Market

We Scour The Market

We don’t mess around when it comes to bringing you the best. Even if a brand is hiding under a rock in Australia, it’s our job to find it—Jenn's orders. And once we do, we work closely with our brands to develop BANDIER- exclusive styles that we know will fit into every aspect of your active lifestyle.

We Wear Test Everything

We Wear Test Everything

Sure, a shiny new pair of leggings can talk the talk, but that doesn’t mean they’re not flimsy—or worse, see-through. That’s why we wear test everything. Yep, e verything. It's no coincidence that Studio B is fewer than 10 steps away from our NYC HQ—nothing gets the BANDIER stamp of approval until we've actually walked a mile in your shoes (or joggers or sports bras).

We Move One Beat Ahead

We Move One Beat Ahead

Launching the first premium multi-brand activewear retailer in 2014 was just the beginning. In 2016, we founded Studio B—the first boutique fitness studio of its kind. In 2017, we launched four private brands—some of the first in the activewear market to offer extended sizing up to XXL. We've been devoted to redefining the way women shop activewear since day one—and we do it all with every #BANDIERgirl in mind.

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