Elite Theragun

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  • Details & Fit
    • Professional-grade plastic composite
    • Industrial-grade Japanese motor
    • 60 minute built-in battery life
    • Lithium-ion 3 cell
    • Comfortable ergonomic multi-grip
    • Up to 40 lbs of no-stall force
    • 2 scientifically calibrated speeds
    • Protective travel case
    • Power Adapter
    • 4 Easy-to-Clean Closed-Cell Foam Attachments Include
    • Dampener: tender areas or near bones
    • Standard Ball: overall use
    • Thumb: lower back and trigger point therapy
    • Cone: pinpoint muscle treatment
    • Excluded from all promotional codes and loyalty point redemption. 

why we love it

Theragun’s Elite model features elevated design elements and an unmatched deep muscle treatment with a dramatic reduction in sound. Release muscle tension while alleviating tightness and soreness or accelerate muscle warmup and recovery to naturally soothe pain. Depth, speed, and force are the key to any deep muscle treatment, but are most effective when delivered in the right dose. Theragun is scientifically calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle than the average massager, at 40 times a second, for greater therapeutic benefits to the body.