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Erica Ford's Gift Picks

Activist and founder of LIFE Camp, INC. – Erica believes a healthy mind and body create a better community. When getting dressed, she thinks about how her look gives her power and purpose.

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Tell us about the gifts you picked

Track Suit: This track suit is so soft and perfect for lounging around. When I saw it I instantly thought about my friend Rachel on the frontlines Olivia Pope-ing the world and I feel like this is exactly what she’d want to come home and wear at the end of a day taking over a male-dominated world.

Black Coat: This coat is so on-trend and fierce it instantly reminded me of my niece. She’s away at college so I know it would keep her warm as she battles the cold on campus. It’s the perfect gift for a determined young lady with style. 

Gold Cuban Link Necklace: This style of necklace is timeless and reminds me of the early days of hip hop in the late 80s and early 90s. I think it’s great to see the newer generations continue to renew the older trends in fresh ways. The ring is the sweetest stocking stuffer. It's a phenomenal accent piece that can be worn day today. I think this gift would surprise and wow the most discerning of tastes.

Nike Air: I love these! I’m known for rocking everything Nike. This is my gift to myself. It flows with the sweatsuit and would accentuate or complement any wardrobe.

Tell us about the charity/non-profit you chose for donation

I am the CEO LIFE Camp, Inc. an organization that gives young people the tools they need to free themselves from the cycle of violence and trauma. I want to see the kids from my neighborhood have the opportunity to be whatever they want and the work that my staff does supports their healing and their success.

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“I think it’s great to see the newer generations continue to renew the older trends in fresh ways.”