If you’re reading this, the odds are high that you’ve probably heard of “The Class,” the 75 minute cathartic mind-body experience — with the ethereal AF (excuse our internet slang, but it’s true) Taryn Toomey at its helm — that took Manhattan by storm a little over a year ago, and has since grown into a full on movement, with retreats everywhere from the Dominican Republic to Martha’s Vineyard and classes taught in NYC at Studio B!

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You shake, you pulse, you bounce, and you use sound to break open and activate stagnant "layers" in the body where stress, tension, and emotions are stored. In the class you build a lean, strong body and cleanse the emotional and spiritual self through intense physical exertion, therapeutic instruction, and heart-pumping music.The challenging movement creates contraction and release that cleanses age-old emotional habits stored in the body. cardio blasts flush the system to create new fertile space for positive change, unveiling untapped strength in every possible sense of the word.

Here, we sit down with TT and get to know everything from what motivates her to her favorite post workout snack to how she makes leg warmers looks so dang good. It’s like Inside the Actors Studio but better. Does that make us James Lipton? Maybe it does...maybe it does.

BANDIER: Let’s say the class is a recipe — what are the key ingredients?

Taryn: Music, sweat, sound, contraction & expansion.

B: When you started this venture, did you have a “plan” or did it sort of evolve more organically?

T: The Class came about 100% organically. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined it would be where it is today. So grateful for the community as it continues to develop and unfold.

B: The name “the class” is kind of genius. How did you come up with/decide upon this?

T: I struggled for a long time about what to name it because the work itself means something so different for every person. It was never meant to be THE Class, the end all be all of fitness. It was always supposed to be more holistic. The time spent in this practice is unique to you and so in essence, it is your class.

B: How do you prepare to teach?

T: I prepare a playlist and class plan in advance (usually the night before). But honestly, I prepare WITH the class. We begin by standing together with our eyes closed, grounding our feet, breathing as one, and raising our arms up clear the space around us three times.

B: Could you pick one word to describe the class?

T: Cathartic

B: The class really “went viral” by word of mouth. Why do you think this is?

T: I think The Class brings together extreme challenge with deep release. Maybe people come back because it is an efficient and cathartic way to get both physical and emotional “workout” needs met.

B: What are the key benefits of the class?

T: Strength (physically, mentally & emotionally), clarity, purification and community

B: Is there a “signature move” in the class?

T: Our heart opening series. It is the apex of the class where we utilize the open body and mind to connect to the source of love.

B: How do you pick your music for the class?

T: I may have been a DJ in my past life. The key to my playlists are songs that MOVE me. Each class has a larger energetic arc so not only do I plan playlists for the moves, but I also focus on the overall emotional experience.

B: Favorite post-the class snack?

T: Seaweed

B: What motivates you?

T: Love

B: Who inspires you?

T: My children, my students, my friends, my foes. Pretty much everyone I come in contact with.

B: You’re one of the only people who can make leg warmers look chic and not like an 80s theme party. Are they more about fashion or function, or a bit of both? Styling tips?

T: Is that true?! Definitely about fashion. I always make sure the leg warmers are monochromatic with the leggings.

Beach or Mountains? Both

Flowers or Card? Flowers

High-Five or Hug? Hug

Leggings: Capris or full-length? Capris

Talker or listener? Both

The first thing I do in the morning is …brush my teeth.

Sweating makes me feel ….purified.

The best things in life are …kisses, hugs, laughs, giggles & love.

Every woman should have …girlfriends.

The best advice I’ve ever received is …only love is real.

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