With summer practically here, we sat down with Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman – known best as simply Tash and Dev – the two sun-kissed souls behind A Bikini A Day , to learn how to kickstart your beach body and what to wear to show it off.

From their first friendship (via Facebook!) to their work outside the blog, Natasha and Devin are the most prolific women we’ve met who make it look this easy. They shared an upclose look at their new #Fitspo workouts, told us about Monday Swimwear — the bikini-insider’s bikini — and we picked their brains about tanning, travel, and where to go topless! Join the girls and take a dip into bikini obsession.

How did you guys meet? What was the inspiration for going into business together?
Funnily enough, Devin and I met on Facebook! I was moving to Maui, where Devin is from and we had a lot of mutual friends, we added each other and instantly became best friends! Devin and I have always felt comfortable working together, before A Bikini A Day (ABAD) I owned my own production company and she would assist me on the shoots. At the time we were shooting with a lot of the swimwear companies and discovered that we both had an obsession with all of the bikinis and so ABAD was born!

What is your home base when you’re not traveling?
Los Angeles, we also live together!

A Bikini a Day is now a huge undertaking. How do you manage your time?
Sometimes it’s difficult to balance the work load and our personal lives, apart from ABAD we also run my personal blog, both of our personal instagrams and now our own swimwear line! Although it has been a challenge doing it all ourselves it has meant we have complete control over our brand and that it has always been true to who we are and what we believe in.

Who are your “go to” swimwear designers, and who are some young up-and-comers you’re excited about?
Brands we have always loved and that we have worn since they started are Mikoh, Acacia and Vix Swimwear. We obviously love wearing our swimwear line Monday Swimwear because we designed them exactly to our liking. An up and comer we are excited about is actually one of our first interns, Tess, who created her own line “Kaohs” swim. We are so proud of her as an entrepreneur and business woman and think her designs are really cute!

“You definitely want to challenge yourself but never push yourself over the limit. There are days that you will want to take it easy and days that you will go hard. It’s all about knowing your body and getting into a routine.”

Some of the workout routines you’ve posted are admirably challenging. But what advice do you have for someone just starting out?
For beginners we suggest working yourselves into it. Depending on how out of shape you are, it is first important just to get yourself into a routine. For the first week walk a few miles 4 days of the week, then jog and incorporate one of the routines the next week. You definitely want to challenge yourself but never push yourself over the limit. There are days that you will want to take it easy and days that you will go hard. It’s all about knowing your body and getting into a routine.

Would it be fair to say that you guys have a pretty holistic approach to fitness and well-being? How do you find the balance between listening to what your body wants and pushing your body to do more?
Knowing what you body needs takes a while. It took us a year or so to really nail down routines and workouts that suit us and we always make sure to mix it up from time to time with yoga, stand up paddle boarding etc. 90% of the time we workout together because we feed off each others’ energy and encourage one another to push further.

What’s your relationship like with the sun? What’s your scheme in terms of both tanning and protection?
Naturally when you are on the beach almost everyday shooting you will get a tan but we honestly avoid the sun otherwise. We always wear sunscreen and hats and lay under an umbrella. We are very aware of the damage the sun can do to your skin, especially later in life and as much as we love it we want to make sure we protect ourselves from it when we can.

Having travelled extensively, always with a focus on the beach, you guys are probably leading authorities on beach cultures around the world. How different is beach culture from region to region?
Generally beach culture is something that people can relate through all over the world, the main difference that we notice is in the swimwear that people wear! In Australia you won’t see Brazilian bikini bottoms but woman will be topless on the beaches, in the US bottoms are smaller but everyone will be covered up. Depending on the part of Europe, you will either mostly see one-piece suits (like in France) or very little coverage (like in Spain).

I think a lot of people have had the experience where they get a really disciplined diet and exercise regimen going, and then they spend a week or two traveling and the whole thing falls apart? As women who travel a lot, do you have any tips on how not to let travel throw you off your routine?
We’ve experienced that ourselves, after all being on holiday is about relaxation, but incorporating a workout into your holiday is easier than you think. Hotels have amazing gyms and even programs like sunset or sunrise yoga. Grab a paddleboard and paddle around the ocean for an hour, you will most likely have an amazing, memorable experience!

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