Through a series of light weights, ankle weights, and steps and sliding disks, modelFit Sculpt works your entire body to shape your muscles and create structural stability. In this class you will focus on smaller muscles around your hips, butt, thighs, abs, lower back and arms. No bulking just long lean muscle and a strong core.

Here, we chat with one of the instructors, Sam Garcia, who tells us a little bit more about what you can expect in her class, shares some kick-ass motivational wisdom, and tells us how she got involved in the fitness community! Trust us, it’s a workout you don’t want to miss.

Catch a modelFIT class at Studio B
Mondays at 5:30 pm and Fridays at 7am


Describe your class in three words: challenging, sweaty, energizing

What are the core benefits of your workout? To get leaner and stronger. I help women create the body they want, while feeling good in the body they have. Ideally, I teach my clients to connect into their body, so they learn to initiate and control their movement. They have to get smart with how they're moving in order to change how they look.

What can people expect in a class? To have a new experience every time they show up! My content and playlist changes daily.

Do you have a signature move? I have heaps of glute and ab exercises. You can check my instagram for videos and pics: ) @thesamgarcia

How did you first find yourself in the fitness world? I got into working out and yoga because of dance. I needed the conditioning to build muscle and the yoga to gain flexibility. Between the two, my dancing got a lot stronger. I had already taught dance throughout my teenage years, so I knew that I loved teaching. I guess I wanted to share everything I had learned from dance and fitness to help others!

What are some of your favorite activewear brands labels for the studio and for the street (like studio style vs street style)? Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Outdoor Voices, and Good Hyouman .

What’s your fitness uniform? Leggings/shorts and tank!

What’s the best piece of advice/motivational wisdom you’ve received? To have compassion not just for others, but for myself.

How does your diet play into your workout schedule? I usually don't eat before working out. If I'm teaching at night I try to give myself two hours between workouts and meals. I usually eat light during the day, and have my biggest meal for dinner. My go to's during the day are juice, smoothies, matcha, fruit, rise bars, and eggs.

Favorite pump up song? Love is Free by Robyn

Favorite cool down song? Never Be Like You by Flume or anything Radiohead

Motivational Mantra? Pursue purpose not perfection

When you’re not teaching class or training we can find you… in dance class, on my yoga mat, or hanging with my husband!

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