Hello Bandier Community!

I am Caroline Leventhal, a health coach who strives to help you find balance in order for you to live your definition of success (healthfully)!

I am born and bred in New York City and absolutely love inspiring communities. In my opinion, being healthy isn’t about being skinny, drinking kale or obsessively working out, it’s about finding a happy point in all aspects of your life. In order to be or get healthy, it’s important to look at a myriad of elements in your life: physical activity, career, spirituality, relationships and of course your eating habits! Everybody has their own set of ingredients that leave them with their best cocktail aka the best version of yourself. Each month on B-Line I plan on providing you with tips to help get you healthy in each category I mentioned above. We are going to talk about how to eat for your blood type as well as keys to maintaining and building healthy relationships. BANDIER is a perfect union of fun, fitness, fashion and practicality!

As Spring begins, I love...okay I have learned to love...cleaning out my apartment and doing my own version of Spring Cleaning. Getting rid of items we don’t need not only gives us more mental clarity in our homes but it also leaves some room for fab new BANDIER gear. I have no doubt that a messy apartment equals a cluttered life but with that said, it’s still hard to muster up the confidence to begin the purge. If you feel like you need a little fuel, you must get Marie Kondo’s “ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” You can start now by simply eliminating 1 item per day — spring cleaning does not have to be a huge task if you don’t want it to be! I promise you, after a big purge and re-organization, you will feel as though you lost 10 pounds. According to Kondo, at the end of practicing her method, everyone is “surrounded only by the things they love.”

If you want to learn more about my coaching services and read my daily blog head over to carolineleventhal.com and shop my BANDIER spring picks below!

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