What’s better than being America’s Sweetheart? Being the Internet’s Sweethearts! And that’s exactly what Carissa and Michael Alvarado are. The American pop duo fell in love, rose to prominence on Vine from their looping #6SecondCovers of hit songs and medleys, got married, released a full-length original album,  No Matter Where You Are , which reached #9 on the iTunes Pop Albums Chart, and made history as the first artists signed to a major record lable from Vine! Oh, and they also went on tour with Oprah as her musical guest. No biggie.

It’d be an understatement to say they’re living a modern day fairy tale, and like all fairy tale  princesses  heroines, Carissa is talented, smart, funny, beautiful, chic, and yes, can do a mean karaoke rendition of Spice Girl’s Wannabe (invite us next time plz!). Here we talk about everything from what she can’t live without to her favorite way to work out (booty exercises are key) and got her spring workout playlist you’ll want to have playing on repeat!

How did you start out as musician/when did you discover your own talent? I started singing when I was in the children’s choir at church. I was also a dancer since the age of five, so I was always surrounded by music and entertainment. As a kid my family overheard me singing karaoke in my bedroom and opened the door applauding. I was so embarrassed, but it wasn’t until then that I realized I really enjoyed it and wanted pursue it more in the future.

What was the first song you and Michael covered together? One of the very first songs we covered together was “Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles.

Favorite song to sing? One of my favorite songs to sing is the classic Jazz standard “Sway”. It’s such a sexy and mellow tune.

Go-to Karaoke song? Spice Girls “Wannabe”. I have WAY too much fun when this song comes on, especially when I’m with my girls!

How did you and Michael meet? Michael was visiting LA from out of town and we randomly met one night at a music video shoot. I was helping out a friend, so I knew everyone. When Michael walked in, I knew he wasn’t familiar with everybody else, so I stepped up, introduced myself to him and then to everyone else. We hit it off really well and laughed the whole night. The rest was history!

Who are some of your favorite musicians? Some of my favorite musicians are Lauryn Hill, Billie Holiday, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Adele, Johnny Cash…too many greats to list!

Do you have a favorite creative/inspirational couple?  One of my favorite inspirational couples would have to be Johnny Cash and June Carter. Not only did they create great music together, but their story of being in love and working together is such and inspiration. Their dynamic on stage and how they never gave up on each other through all the ups and downs…I really admire that.

Do you and Michael workout together?  We used to train together more, but lately, we’ve been doing our own routines. We have different styles when it comes to working out — he likes to do things at his own pace. He loves to run a lot and play ball with his boys. He considers that his "me time”. For me, I love the structure of classes, being told what to do, and getting my butt kicked.

What’s your favorite way to work out?  Classes. I guess it’s because I used to dance before anything else. I like the camaraderie of it all and being pushed. But If I’m on my own, I’ll start with some cardio on the treadmill or elliptical, then move to weight, abs, and booty exercises.

What’s your version of “me time”? My version of “me time” is going to get my nails done, or a massage or facial. I’m a sucker for the spa life. I also love me some retail therapy. Then again, what woman doesn’t?

You have great style, who’s your favorite style icon, if you have one? One of my favorite style icons ever is Bianca Jagger’s style. She has a great masculine and feminine mix about her look. Sexy, edgy, and classy. All the things I strive to emulate through my style.

Workout you’ve been dying to try? I’ve been dying to try kickboxing. It just seems like an exhilarating way to exercise!

Spirit animal? Unicorn, obviously.

Favorite app? Currently it’s neck and neck with Instagram and Snapchat. I’ve always been a diehard IG fanatic, but Snapchat has been stepping up their game lately with all their hilarious filters!

What’s your “power song?” Currently, my power song is Rihanna’s new single “Work”. It just gets me in the mood to kill my workouts!

Something you can’t live without? My Glossier Balm Dot Com lip balm. It’s the only thing that keeps my lips nice and moisturized...I can’t stand dry lips!

Yoga or Kickboxing? Kickboxing, since I am dying to try it!

Breakfast or Brunch? Brunch. Because brunch = mimosas!

Leggings or Shorts? Leggings

Matcha or Coffee? Coffee

Jogging or running? Jogging

Novels or Poems? Poems

Sneakers or sandals? Sneakers

Early to Rise or Late to bed?  Late to bed

Health smoothie or ice cream? Health smoothie

Mountains or beach?  Beach baby!

TV shows or movies?  Movies

Acoustic or Electric? Acoustic

I can’t live without my … black boots!

First thing I do in the morning is … cuddle with my pup.

Last thing I do before bed is …kiss my man good night.

My favorite indulgence is … wine and chocolate. The real power couple right there!

If I weren’t a musician I’d be …working in fashion. Trying to do both though! ;)


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